Q: Why choose Apex?
A: As a small family-owned business, integrity in our work is what we value most. We are therefore highly motivated to maintain our reputation and leave our customers very satisfied. If you are looking for a business that you can trust to be in your home, give honest feedback, work hard and prioritize you, then look no further! We would love to talk to you more about providing quality house washing, gutter cleaning or window cleaning services.

Q: Will power washing damage my siding?
A: No! Apex uses a process called soft washing when completing power washing jobs: all of the power, none of the damage! We carefully spray surfaces with a high-concentration cleaning solution that kills all moss, mold and grime, protecting any plants or landscaping. When we rinse the solution away, your siding is left looking brand new.

Q: I have a larger building that needs help. Can Apex service schools and businesses?
A: Yes. We have provided window cleaning and power washing services to many such establishments over the years, including Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA and all local Monson Savings Bank locations. We also regularly clean windows and power wash at several Dunkin Donuts and KFC restaurants. If your business or school has dirty windows, siding turning green or black streaks on the roof and you are not equipped to tackle the job on your own, Apex is here to help.

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?
A: We recommend having your windows cleaned at least once per year for a maximum consistency of clean windows. Typically once the pollen has settled near the end of spring your windows will be dirtiest, so having your windows cleaned then will launch you into your summer looking crystal clear! We also may have a discount available for you if we return to refresh your windows more than once a year, for holiday gatherings in your home or any other reason.

Q: How much should I expect to pay to have my windows professionally cleaned?
A: Here at Apex Window Cleaning we typically charge around $12 per window for interior/exterior cleaning, with an additional $5-$10 per window if they are individual panes or storm windows. Exterior only window cleaning typically falls at $7 per window. Reach out to us for a free quote!

Q: Does roof cleaning damage the life of the shingles?
A: Not the way we do it! While some companies will use a high pressure power washer to clean your roof, we prefer to stick with low-pressure bleaching. We find that this maintains the integrity and life of the shingles while simultaneously cleaning and killing moss and black streaks, leaving your roof healthy and looking spectacular!

Q: What services does Apex provide during the winter?
A: Here in New England, winter arrives early and lingers for quite a while. Apex provides residential window cleaning, gutter cleaning and power washing until temperatures fall below freezing. Our commercial accounts are what keep us busy year round! If you have a store front that needs consistent cleaning, we brave the elements (often using windshield washer fluid to prevent freezing) and keep your store looking crisp. We are also hoping to add residential Christmas light hanging as the season approaches.

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