With 7+ years of experience, Apex is here to bring the highest quality house washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning or roof washing to your home or business. Call us for a free quote today: (413) 893-4455.

Pressure Washing

Our soft washing technique is a safer alternative to traditional power washing, ensuring the same or better results while using significantly lower PSI and posing zero risk of damage to your siding, decks, or any other surface in need of cleaning. Apex uses a process called soft washing when completing power washing jobs: all of the power, none of the risk! We carefully spray surfaces with a high-concentration cleaning solution that kills all moss, mold and grime while protecting any plants or landscaping. When we rinse the solution away, your siding is left looking brand new.

Window Cleaning

Commercial buildings, new homes, older homes with finicky window panes—we tackle them all. We take great care with our affordable window cleaning service, leaving your windows gleaming and pristine.

Gutter Cleaning

Protect your roof and prevent damage from rain and pests: let Apex help with gutter cleaning!

Roof Cleaning

Tired of seeing black streaks on your roof? Roof cleaning with Apex can ultimately save you the most money. Algae slowly eats away at shingles and inevitably will lead to premature roof replacement. We use low pressure and a strong cleaning solution to eliminate all unwanted growth, leaving your roof looking brand new.

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